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The most common gifts to be re-gifted


    Have you got a cupboard for 'regiftable' presents?
    Without a doubt, we're all extremely appreciative for everything we receive for Christmas! Although, you have to admit there are some presents that you receive and instantly think "I'm not going to use that", "it's not my size" or quite simply..."I don't really like it".
    That's when the thought of regifting comes into question...
    Here are some of the most common Christmas presents that are most likely to be regifted
    Health and Beauty
    In particular we mean the body lotion and soap twin packs, or any other form of sets such as these. In cases like this, people either
    a) don't like the smell
    b) could possibly be allergic
    c) would only use one of them
    In most cases it's 'c' (we've been there before...)
    Similar to health and beauty products, candles are commonly regifted on the basis of the scent. Everyone has a personal preference as to what they like the smell of, with many people not liking strong, sweet-smelling scents! Why burn a candle you don't like the smell of it you can regift it to someone you know will love it?
    Everyone loves getting new clothes (well, we do anyway)! However, we all have our own style and sometimes people buy things that we simply wouldn't wear and/or is possibly in the completely wrong size. That's why clothing is one of the most popular things to be's been proven!
    In this case, houseware is aimed mainly at kitchenware but is also very popular with cushions, glassware and orniments! Whether it's a fruit juicer, kettle or a set of tea towels, people have a preference when it comes to their house! If you're not sure what to gift, shop with a little caution.
    Many people like being gifted alcohol for Christmas, but it makes up 18% of all regifted items in the UK. Again, it comes down to personal preference...if you were gifted a bottle of Merlot and didn't like it, would you prefer for it to sit on the wine rack or give it to someone that would actually drink it? Top tip: check that the person you're buying for drinks alcohol...
    How many of these would you regift? Just make sure it's not to the person who originally gifted you it!

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