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Can I Mix Metals When Wearing Jewellery?


    The world of fashion is ever-evolving. One trend that has been a topic of discussion for years is mixed metals jewellery. Some people believe that wearing different types of metals together is a faux pas, while others consider it a bold and fashionable statement. So, is it okay to mix metals when wearing jewellery?

    The Old School Rule

    Traditionally, mixing different types of metals in your jewellery was considered a mismatch. The old school thought was that gold should be worn with gold, silver with silver, etc. This rule was strictly followed by many for years. However, as with many things in fashion, this rule has evolved over time...

    Breaking the Rules

    In recent years, the fashion industry has seen a significant shift towards breaking traditional rules and embracing individuality and personal style. This shift has led to the rise of mixed metals jewellery as a popular trend.

    Mixing metals allows for more creativity. It's not just about matching your jewellery to your outfit; it's about creating a unique look that reflects your personal style.

    Mixed metals jewellery can add depth and interest to any outfit. Whether you're pairing gold earrings with a silver necklace or stacking bracelets of various metals, mixing metals can elevate your style.

    How to Successfully Mix Metals

    While there are no rules when it comes to mixing metals, there are some tips you can follow to ensure your look is stylish:

    1. Balance is Key: Aim for balance. You don't want one type of metal to overpower the others.

    2. Use a Unifying Piece: A piece of jewellery that incorporates multiple metals can help tie your look together. This could be a bracelet with both gold and silver elements.

    3. Consider Your Outfit: The colors in your outfit can help guide your choice of metals. Cooler tones like blues and greys pair well with silver and white gold.

    4. Don't Overdo It: Stick to two or three different types of metal at most to keep your look polished and cohesive.

    In conclusion, it's encouraged to mix metals! It's a trend that's here to stay. It allows for creativity and individuality in accessorizing outfits and adds depth and interest to any look!

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